Rice Purity Test (Official version 2021)

Rice Purity Test –If you have free time and want to increase the enjoyment and fun then i must recommend you Rice Purity Test. Students all over the word take interest in these type of Tests. Students of this modern age are well aware of this kind of test. Earlier the purpose of taking a test is to find out how innocent you are but nowadays it is just fun! The Rice Purity Test comprised of 100 questions from different aspects of life for example.

  • s**
  • Drugs
  • Criminal Acts.
  • Violation of laws.
  • Vices
  • Others

While enjoying the Rice Purity Test (a kind of survey) you will go through 100 different questions about your s-xu*l desires, fanatic, imagination, naughtiness, and many other activities you have done in your past. The test is really fun! The key feature to maximize this fun to stay straightforward and honest while having a test. And never forget the basic purpose always keep it in mind.

Rice Purity Test Official

Rice Purity Test Official

Rice Purity Test Official developed to help out the new students of a college or university to socialize themselves. The fresher student voluntary takes part in this test to find out how innocent or pure he/she and also this test helps to students to increase or strengthen the bond of the college students. The implication of the Rice purity Test does not end here. Many psychologists used this test to find out the personality of a person. It is highly recommended to go through the whole article and find out the best information about Rice Purity Test .

Thresher Rice Purity Test

Many people knew this test by the name of Thresher Rice Purity Test. A few years ago it was a custom in US universities and colleges to take part in this test voluntarily. So, the fresher or new student can easily get a chance to mix themselves with the seniors. The whole test or survey comprised of 100 questions from different domains of your life and answers to the questions based on your past life activities. Here are some of the official domains of Thresher Rice Purity Test.

  1. Encountering the Police.
  2. Smoking Marijuana.
  3. S-xu*l Activities Outdoor.
  4. Crimes
  5. Digital S-*

Rice Purity Test Official Quiz

Let’s have a deep insight at the domain of the test one by one to get a deep understanding of Rice Purity Test.

What are the Domains of Rice Purity Test?

Encountering Police

Encountering the Police ever in life is one of the most considering domains of the test. That’s why you will definitely face different question related to your matters with police ever in life. The basic purpose of the Rice Purity Test is given below.

“How much Obedience you are with the Laws defined by authorities & how effectively you deal with the cops.”

The reasons vary from person to person and case to case. But here we have enlisted some of the questions in order to take out your curiosity. Have a look.

  • Had the Police Handcuffed you ever?
  • Have you ever been arrested by the cops?
  • Have you ever run from the Cops?

Smoking Marijuana

A greater part of us are well acquainted with the laws identified with Marijuana as the utilization of Marijuana is pronounced as unlawful across the world. In the event that anybody gets caught in the act, he/she will be stuck in great trouble. But for some medical purposes, the cultivation of the marijuana is allowed in diverse part of the globe and without being feared of capturing by the police. But generally, the cultivation and consumption of marijuana are restricted and unlawful act.

It is commonly observed that during the early stages of life the young people get addicted to marijuana due to bad company. And without getting aware of side effects of Marijuana they start harming themselves.

In order to know if a person involved in such kind of activities or not the Rice Purity comprised of such kind of questions as well. The General question of Rice Purity Test is given below.

  1. Smoked Marijuana?
  2. Used any medication more regrettable than Marijuana?
  3. Got Caught Smoking Weed?

Smoking Marijuana

Outdoor S-xu*l Relations

This is the modern world dominated by the technology which actually changed the thinking & ideology of persons. Nowadays the whole concept of having intercourse or s*x is changed. Individuals need increasingly more excitation while engaging in s-xu*l relations and that is the reason, they want to have intercourse in various areas outside or in the open air.

A significant number of youths are occupied with s-xu*l exercises and they want to have it outside. The most widely recognized spots where individuals love to engage in s-xu*l relations with accomplices are

  • Parks
  • Playhouses
  • Lakes

That’s why in the rice purity test, you can confront inquiries from this area also. The sole reason or reason for making inquiries is to discover

“How Students are frantic for S-xu*l Activities?”

In the event that you are interested to comprehend what sort of inquiry you will confront then here is the example for you

  • Had s-* in broad daylight?
  • Ever you did  s-* outside?
  • Had s-* in a vehicle?

Rice Purity Test

Committed Crimes

It is very crucial to know that!  What precisely the Crime is? As indicated by the Oxford dictionary, it has numerous definitions however one of the least difficult meanings of crime is

“Something which is done against the laws characterized by the regulatory authorities and other governing bodies”

Here are some of the example of the violation of law or crimes.

  • Murders
  • Drugs
  • Smuggling
  • Cheating
  • Many others.

In this cutting-edge world, the majority of young people who are jobless are effectively engaged with numerous criminal exercises. The sole reason for making inquiries from this area is

"Investigate the criminal attitude and conduct of individuals"

An example of inquiries from this area is given below.

  • Used methamphetamine, rocks, PCP, horse sedatives or heroin?
  • Ran from the police?
  • Been addressed by the police?
  • Been suspended from school?
  • Gotten an STI test?

Rice Purity Test Crime

Advanced Digital S-*

The strategies for getting joy in this world are evolving drastically. In addition, it is affecting society aimlessly. The development in technology causes the people to get engaged with a new dimension of s-* called digital s-x by utilizing a work area or PC. A greater part of individuals is utilizing their cell phones and other such gadgets to have advanced s-*. Computerized s*x is a standout among the most inclining and renowned in this day and age.

You can do it with the assistance of

  1. Video talk.
  2. Voice talk.
  3. Texting or s-xting.

Plenty of teenagers are associated with such exercises and it is expected to have simple access to cell phones and the web.

The principle explanation behind making inquiries from this area is that

“To find out the How desperate the Students are to have a S-*”

An example of inquiries from this area is.

  • Engaged in explicitly unequivocal action over video talk?
  • Sent or got bare photos?
  • Participated in a blowout?

These are a couple of areas of Rice Purity Test from where the 100 Questions has a place. You ought to be straightforward and honest so as to discover how blameless you are. Along these lines, surge now and take an interest in Rice Purity Quiz Online.

Sexual Relations

Rice Purity Test Online

So, if you are willing to appear in Rice Purity Test online then you are very much at the right place. Rice Purity Test Online is the official version of 100 questions and you have to respond to all of these inquiries with honesty & trustworthiness. Because the results of the test totally based on your honesty. Things are set for you now, what are you sitting tight for? Take Now to Rice Purity Test Online.

Rice Purity Test Quiz

Authoritatively the Quiz comprises of 100 questions test or survey which formally started in Rice University Houston, Texas. That is the reason it is known as the “Rice Purity Test“.

Consistently new understudies deliberately step through the exam during the introduction week and think about it as a chance to make strong social relationships with other students.

The Purity Quiz likewise used to follow the advancement of the fresh students as they got the chance to encounter school life at Rice University. Be that as it may, but nowadays it is simply taken as fun.

In this way, you can likewise experience the official test of Rice Purity Test Quiz Now. Read out the full detailed article and find out the results based on your score.

Rice Purity Test for Girls

As we all know in the starting of 1934 when Rice Purity Test was created first time all Questions were regarding the women’s life.and it was given to girls on paper to give answers of these questions before building any relationship.Later on it was created for both boys and girls.Rice purity test for girls contain many questions related to daily life of girls.

Rice Purity Test Official

In the event that you are searching for Rice Purity Official test , at that point, you are at the correct spot. On this site, you will be experienced a rundown of 100 questions. You may have seen this test on multiple websites but here you will encounter the official version of Rice Purity Test Official. So, what are you waiting for? Rush now to the Rice Purity Test official.

Rice Purity Test Average by Age

It has been observed that the number of questions may increase or decrease. It can be 100, 200, or 500 in numbers. Dependent upon the decision of a contender. In any case, essentially, individuals select the 100 Question Rice Purity Test. Therefore, the scorecard is set up on the bases of scale 100. It is quantitative information. It is not for the most part to get a high score in the Rice Purity Test.

You can get the Rice Purity Test online viably. As it is available on the web. There are no age bars now. As earlier, the test was for the understudies who went to the colleges. To check their lead and activities. So to know the socialization of the students.

The contender can encounter the Rice Purity Test and get the score. Close by the direct or activities of the systematic life, which can involve for removed future

US States

Rank State Average
1. New Mexico 59.24%
2. Alaska 59.97%
3. Wyoming 60.20%
4. Nevada 60.34%
5. West Virginia 60.74%
6. Arizona 60.75%
7. Montana 60.80%
8. Idaho 60.91%
9. Oregon 60.97%
10. Utah 61.18%
11. Washington 61.25%
12. Colorado 61.45%
13. Louisiana 61.82%
14. Oklahoma 61.90%
15. Vermont 61.94%
16. Arkansas 62.22%
17. Florida 62.28%
18. Tennessee 62.47%
19. Kentucky 62.63%
20. Kansas 62.80%
21. Missouri 62.81%
22. South Dakota 63.27%
23. South Carolina 63.49%
24. Alabama 63.58%
25. Ohio 63.60%
26. Wisconsin 63.67%
27. Georgia 63.78%
28. New Hampshire 63.80%
29. Mississippi 63.90%
30. North Carolina 63.98%
31. Nebraska 64.14%
32. District of Columbia 64.30%
33. Maine 64.33%
34. New York 64.40%
35. Maryland 64.42%
36. Pennsylvania 64.49%
37. Rhode Island 64.52%
38. Minnesota 64.56%
39. Texas 64.58%
40. Michigan 64.73%
41. Hawaii 64.75%
42. Illinois 64.97%
43. Iowa 65.15%
44. Delaware 65.31%
45. New Jersey 65.48%
46. Indiana 65.56%
47. California 65.80%
48. North Dakota 65.97%
49. Massachusetts 65.97%
50. Virginia 66.38%
51. Connecticut 68.36%

Canadian Provinces

Rank Province Average
1. Yukon Territory 53.69%
2. Northwest Territories 56.90%
3. Newfoundland 60.59%
4. Alberta 62.29%
5. British Columbia 62.39%
6. Nova Scotia 62.57%
7. Manitoba 62.75%
8. Saskatchewan 62.87%
9. Quebec 63.11%
10. New Brunswick 63.11%
11. Ontario 63.60%
12. Prince Edward Island 66.03%

Australian Territories

Rank Territory Average
1. Australian Capital Territory 62.25%
2. Tasmania 63.22%
3. Victoria 63.80%
4. Western Australia 64.26%
5. South Australia 64.51%
6. Queensland 64.83%
7. New South Wales 65.29%

British Countries

Rank County Average
1. West Berkshire 55.17%
2. Wiltshire 59.58%
3. Croydon 59.71%
4. Swindon 60.06%
5. Milton Keynes 60.10%
6. Bolton 60.11%
7. Belfast 60.19%
8. Dundee City 60.26%
9. London, City of 60.46%
10. Ceredigion 60.53%
11. Warrington 60.60%
12. Gloucestershire 60.66%
13. Windsor and Maidenhead 60.67%
14. Swansea 60.76%
15. Edinburgh, City of 60.78%
16. Redbridge 60.90%
17. Vale of Glamorgan, The 60.97%
18. Slough 61.24%
19. York 61.32%
20. Cumbria 61.33%
21. Bracknell Forest 61.35%
22. East Sussex 61.41%
23. Buckinghamshire 61.41%
24. Greater London 61.43%
25. Stoke-on-Trent 61.46%
26. Bedfordshire 61.48%
27. Suffolk 61.52%
28. Dudley 61.58%
29. Cardiff 61.64%
30. Rotherham 61.68%
31. Manchester 61.72%
32. Bradford 61.75%
33. Glasgow City 61.77%
34. West Sussex 61.78%
35. Brighton and Hove 61.79%
36. Bromley 61.80%
37. Medway 61.83%
38. Leeds 61.88%
39. Newham 61.91%
40. Sheffield 61.94%
41. Newcastle upon Tyne 61.94%
42. Rochdale 61.97%
43. Herefordshire 61.98%
44. Cornwall 62.06%
45. Northamptonshire 62.07%
46. Nottingham 62.10%
47. Bournemouth 62.18%
48. Kingston upon Hull, City of 62.21%
49. Walsall 62.22%
50. Nottinghamshire 62.23%
51. Telford and Wrekin 62.31%
52. Surrey 62.32%
53. Essex 62.33%
54. Lancashire 62.47%
55. St. Helens 62.49%
56. Kirklees 62.51%
57. Plymouth 62.61%
58. Aberdeen City 62.66%
59. Wolverhampton 62.76%
60. Cheshire 62.78%
61. Worcestershire 62.88%
62. North Lanarkshire 62.88%
63. Lincolnshire 62.89%
64. Leicestershire 62.92%
65. West Lothian 63.00%
66. Derby 63.21%
67. Kent 63.30%
68. West Midlands 63.30%
69. Derbyshire 63.32%
70. Leicester 63.37%
71. Oxfordshire 63.38%
72. Reading 63.43%
73. Birmingham 63.45%
74. Bury 63.52%
75. North Yorkshire 63.56%
76. Somerset 63.57%
77. Staffordshire 63.65%
78. Dorset 63.75%
79. Doncaster 63.83%
80. Cambridgeshire 63.84%
81. Falkirk 63.85%
82. Southampton 63.89%
83. Peterborough 63.92%
84. Fife 64.01%
85. Hampshire 64.02%
86. Hertford 64.09%
87. Salford 64.11%
88. Bexley 64.11%
89. Norfolk 64.13%
90. Bristol, City of 64.26%
91. Gateshead 64.35%
92. Warwickshire 64.38%
93. Coventry 64.50%
94. Liverpool 64.56%
95. Devon 64.63%
96. Portsmouth 64.64%
97. Stockport 65.02%
98. Newport 65.24%
99. Hartlepool 66.31%
100. Bath and North East Somerset 66.33%
101. Durham 67.04%
102. Angus 68.94%


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Rice purity test mean?

Rice Purity Test Online is a kind of survey which actually assess the degree of the innocence of participants. Comprised of 100 questions that belong to different activities of his/her life for instance from S-* life, Drugs, Deceit, and many other activities. The grades are based upon the scale of 100.

What’s the highest score on the rice purity test?

SCORE: 100-98

A score between 98 and 100 is the maximum desirable and obtainable score.  Generally, it is seen that those who are born with a silver spoon get scores like these.

SCORE: 97-94

The second category is a score of 94 to 97. It is a small range, but after long research, this scorecard is categorized as those who are continuously growing.

SCORE: 93-77

This is the category that includes the majority of the population. The score bearers are generally ranging from middle-class to high-class children.

SCORE: 76-45

The score of 76-45 represents the introverts and the shy ones.  These score bearers lack social skills and are very shy to come into the mainstream.


All those who score below 45 are required to get some help or assistance. They may have a mental disorder or may be suffering from a disease.

What does it mean to be seen in a sensual context?

The Sensual Context means physical pleasing. Most of the time it used in the s-xu*l context, but this is not exactly s-xu*l in meaning.

What is purity analysis?

Purity means how clean or innocent you are during the rice Purity test or analysis the word purity reflects your personal activities in your past life.

What is the rice test?

Officially the Rice Purity Test Quiz consists of 100 questions survey which officially originated in Rice University Houston, Texas. That’s why it is called the “Rice Purity Test”.